Golden Dragon Horse - PCDH30AG12

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About Me: This figurine combines a dragon’s face with a horse’s body Fly atop Horse is victory horse which features a large fly perched on its back can be used to enhance career luck and business opportunities. The Fly and Horse combination is unique in many ways as it help you to climb success ladder and bring good opportunities and continues victory.. Its position indicates upward mobility in life and in the professional arena. The dragon is considered to be very sacred in Chinese culture and its breath is said to be celestial as it emits positive chi. It is used as a lucky talisman to attract good fortune in business. Feng Shui It is perfect for career-minded men and women.

Where to place Feng Shui Dragon Horse with Fly Symbol
If placed in the northwest of the house, it helps the patriarch earn the support of influential people who can mentor him and give him the much-required push that could spell success for his business or career. Place this beautiful symbol in the North area on your work desk to get victory in tough competition and enable easier promotional opportunities. It also helps to maintain your relationships with colleagues, gaining support and help from both subordinates and superiors. for Career Success
If kept in the south corner of the house, it is said to bring fame. Keywords: dragon, horse, luck, fame, fortune, mentor, support

Feng Shui Horse is used in the office or home to bring success, freedom, and speed in career and fame but you must know the right place or location to place it.
- To attract name and fame place horse symbol or painting in south direction.
- To speed up the career growth place Feng Shui Horse Symbol in North direction
- Place a pair of Horse in southwest direction of the house to cure your love and marriage
- Always place Feng Shui Horse Symbol faces any opening, such as a door or a window.

Do not place Feng Shui Horse Symbol in your toilet/bathroom and kitchen or in the bedroom also.
- It should not be placed facing directly behind you or directly confronting you as it brings

You can gift this beautiful Feng Shui Horse Symbol to your friends and relatives to bring fame and success in their life. These can be the ideal gift for the one who are going to start their new business, job or people born in the year of Horse.


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